Mandatory vaccination is something that Hitler would have happily pushed as compatible with the Third Reich

It is widely understood that under Adolph Hitler and the Nazi state, the German people were deprived of many of their basic human rights. But what is less understood is that Americans in 2018 are being subjected to similar tyranny, particularly when it comes to medical freedom.

During a recent episode of his Health Ranger Report, available at, Mike Adams discusses the parallels between the medical paradigm that exists in the United States and Hitler’s Third Reich. As Adams explains, forcing people to take certain medications, undergo certain medical treatments, or receive certain vaccinations against their will, and for the “greater good,” is no different than what Hitler subjected Germans to during World War II.

“Vaccines are now being made compulsory across many European countries, and there have been rallies against” it, says Adams. “And the vaccine industry, of course, wants everybody to be forced to take all their vaccines at gunpoint, essentially, by the government, so that you cannot say no.”

Just recently in Detroit, Adams reveals, a woman was actually jailed for refusing to have her son injected with U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccines that stand a really good chance of harming or even killing him. And while she was in jail, the medical overlords injected the boy anyway, giving him the entire immunization schedule all at once.

“The vaccine companies keep growing larger and larger so they can sell more and more vaccines, even though the actual science behind all of this is highly fraudulent, dubious, it’s quackery at its worst,” says Adams. “This is the rise of medical tyranny in America and around the world.”

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What happened to “my body, my choice?”

Most Americans would agree that people should have the right to do whatever they choose with their own bodies, so long as they’re not harming someone else. Heck, this is a key tenet in the abortion debate, as pro-abortion activists are known to declare that it’s “my body, my choice.”

But for whatever reason, such logic goes out the window when it comes to vaccination. Many people who insist that it should be legal to murder unborn life in the womb are also adamant that everyone be forcibly vaccinated, which is really just another way of saying that the government should be allowed to medically molest the population in the name of supporting the “greater good.”

“The underlying principle behind mandatory vaccines is the idea that the government owns your body … and they will assert that they own it by forcing you to be injected with toxic substances, including toxic heavy metals, including unknown viral strains, and including live viruses, plus adjuvants that cause inflammation throughout the body,” warns Adams.

“They will force you to do this because they, the government … believe that you do not have the right to say no to their invasions … They are medically assaulting you. They are molesting you with medicine when they force a vaccine on you or your child without your consent.”

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So what’s the solution? According to Adams, violence should always be a last resort. Keep educating yourself and others, and keep standing up to the medical overlords. After all, it’s your body, and you must be willing to fight for it.

“You own your own body,” says Adams.

“The government doesn’t own your body, and the government has no business penetrating your body, injecting you with something against your will, or forcing you to undergo a medical procedure that carries risks, without your consent. It’s very simple. It’s a basic, humanitarian, divine right.”

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