Many deaths occur from the flu AFTER getting the flu shot – the untold vaccine truth revealed

Vaccine hysteria is getting worse by the day. Even though flu vaccines contain known neurotoxins, including mercury and potassium chloride, millions of Americans are brainwashed by the television and think getting the toxic jab somehow keeps them safe from viruses. The craziest part is that many people die shortly after getting the flu vaccine. Maybe that’s because not only does the flu shot make the flu worse if you get it, but it can make it lethal, contrary to everything the CDC says.

Fact: More Americans have died from the flu after the flu shot than from Ebola. Others have become blind or paralyzed. The flu shot causes more deaths than any other vaccine, accounting for more payouts from the secretive vaccine court than for any other vaccine injury claims. So what is the risk versus benefit analysis?

Flu shot deaths happen more frequently than people think

First off, the flu shot only works ten percent of the time. Would you board a plane if you knew it only landed without crashing ten percent of the time? Meanwhile, the flu jab literally kills about 50 people every year. And, the CDC exaggerates flu deaths. If you get the flu and then die from pneumonia, viruses, bacteria, respiratory infections, or from a MRSA (superbug) infection at the hospital, the CDC still says you died from the flu. Plus, of the real deaths from the actual flu, how many of those people DID get the flu shot? The CDC refuses to reveal those statistics, and there lies the rub.

You see, that jab makes the vaccine manufacturers billions of dollars, which are then handed over to politicians and regulatory officials during their auspicious “lobbying” functions, legislation promotions, and insider donations.

The flu shot also weakens the human immune system, making the receiver more susceptible to a worse case of the flu should they catch it the following year. Why does it weaken your immunity? The flu vaccine contains genetically modified viruses, DNA proteins from animals, and bacteria that’s bred in a carcinogenic serum. Add in some embalming fluid (formaldehyde) and an unpredictable, untested batch of several strains of attenuated (weakened but still live) flu, and the human body has no clue how to defend itself.

Millions of people are severely allergic to the ingredients in vaccines

Life-threatening allergic reactions to flu shots are not as rare as the CDC would have us all believe. Injecting known allergens is much more dangerous than eating them, breathing them in, or putting them on your skin, because injections bypass all of those important filtration systems, including the digestive tract, the lungs, and the skin.

People who are allergic to eggs, dairy, peanuts (peanut oil traces are still present in many vaccines), latex, monosodium glutamate (MSG), foreign proteins, blood from other animals, formaldehyde, and mercury – can react quite violently to having those allergens injected into their muscle tissue. Some people become pale, start wheezing, break out into hives, notice their heartbeat speed up, and others have difficulty breathing.

Science proves that flu shots don’t work

Mounting research is systematically proving that the influenza vaccine does not work and conversely causes severe damage to the human body. Different strains of the flu appear throughout the season, so scientists who guess ahead of time have no clue what they’re really doing. Researchers at the University of Ghent in Belgium released their findings from a scientific study that conceded most flu shots are out of date and therefore do not work. Even the CDC, if you read the fine print, admits that the flu shot fails most of the time.

Each year, only about 30,000 people are hospitalized for influenza, yet this past year (2017), the CDC would have us believe that 80,000 people died from the flu. Yeah, right. Talk about fear mongering. Most respiratory illnesses during the “flu season” (which runs from October through May), are caused by other bacteria and viruses, not influenza.

Lastly, despite the CDC swearing up and down they removed mercury from all childhood vaccines way back in 2001, the CDC highly recommends the flu vaccine for all pregnant women and infants as soon as they turn 6 months of age. What’s the problem? The flu shot contains 50,000 times more mercury (listed as thimerosal – a mercury derivative) than the EPA allows in public drinking water. What’s worse is these doctors and nurses are injecting it directly into muscle tissue, causing severe inflammation, auto-immune reactions, and in several cases as science has proven, death.

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