If Democrats care about children so much, what about all the children who are damaged by vaccines every year?

The Left has conjured up yet another fake news talking point with which to provoke civil unrest against President Trump: the false claim that the Commander-in-Chief is maniacally separating illegal alien children from their parents at the Mexican border. It’s not true, of course, but even more insidious is the fact that it’s merely opportunistic play-pretend, as evidenced by the fact that the Left has never actually cared about the plight of innocent children.

Don’t believe us? Check out the latest datasets on vaccine-injured children in America and ask yourself: Why haven’t I heard about this from my favorite media sources? If the Left is just so gosh-darned concerned about the safety of children who belong to criminal invaders, then surely they’re at least just as concerned about tiny babies and toddlers who are being permanently injured or killed by vaccine injections, right? Wrong.

Just in 2017, there were more than 16,000 submissions to the U.S. Department of Health And Human Services’ (HHS) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, also known as VAERS, documenting cases of injury and death following childhood vaccination. Keep in mind that VAERS contains only a tiny fraction of the actual number of cases of vaccine-associated injuries and deaths that occur, the vast majority of which are never reported.

Among the many reported injuries are severe immediate reactions to vaccination that include things like swelling, rashes, and flu-like symptoms. There are also many cases in VAERS of more serious adverse events like bloody stools, paralysis, seizures, neurological damage, and of course death. All of this information is freely available to anyone who wishes to access it, and yet when is the last time you heard a mainstream news report about the tens of thousands, or possibly even millions of young children who are incurring serious harm from vaccines?

Same media outlets condemning “separation” of illegal alien families routinely push vaccines that separate American families by killing citizen children

All it takes is a quick internet search using terms like “vaccine injuries” and “vaccine deaths” to realize that not only is the mainstream media ignoring this important subject, but in many cases is also covering it up. A Google News search conducted on June 25 using the search term “vaccines” pulled up the following headlines, illustrating that the vaccine industry holds protective status in that mainstream news outlets almost never say anything bad about them:

“The Public’s Health: Teen vaccines important for developing immunity to disease” (Montana Standard)

“Why Isn’t There A Readily Available Lyme Disease Vaccine?” (Forbes)

“Two Vaccines Are Better Than One for Malaria” (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News)

“Study Finds Disturbing Trends in Vaccination Exemptions” (AAFP News)

“No Safety Concerns With Kids’ DtaP Combo Vaccine” (WebMD)

“Combating misinformation about vaccines” (The Washington Post)

And on and on it goes, with not a single mention of how vaccines are “separating families” in that they’re known to permanently damage some children’s brains, for instance, or even kill them. It kind of puts all of the hysteria about illegal alien children being separated from their illegal alien parents during border incidents into perspective, wouldn’t you say?

It’s a blatant double standard that’s really easy to recognize simply by reading the headlines. Vaccines represent the holy grail of Big Pharma, which controls what many media outlets publish. Even so-called “conservative” news outlets like Fox News are beholden to pharmaceutical interests – just watch the commercials that air on the network and you’ll see it plain as day.

For more news about how vaccines are harming and killing American children while the mainstream media couldn’t care less, be sure to visit VaccineInjuryNews.com.

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